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7 tips to become a well rounded electrician

7 tips to become a well rounded electrician

How do you become a well-rounded electrician in Singapore? One thing to keep in mind about being a well-rounded electrician is it depends on what you think a well-rounded electrician is. There’s so many fields and industries for electricians to work in, you know there’s all kinds of aspects of the trade. Electricians are not just doing construction or residential, there’s all kinds on motor control & electrical system, you can be in the engineering industry or even go towards oil & gas industry.

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You know you can specialize in retail, and so there’s many different fields and to be a well-rounded electrician is kind of depends on who you are as an electrician or what your perspective is or where you want to go as an electrician. Overall, I’ll just give you a few tips on what I think the well-rounded electrician looks like and for that matter this is not just for electricians it would work for anyone in any field or any trade.

1) Practice more, do more

The first thing I would recommend for apprentices who may just turn out, I’d actually recommend that you do not afraid to take the challenges, practice more and do more whenever you can. It’ll give you experience and confidence in the process, it’ll actually help you start thinking on your feet and thinking on your own about electrical and solving problems and things like that.

To the apprentice, you’re still learning something and learning something is actually more valuable than making money. If you’re going to stay in the trade as an electrician so all the things that you learn, the mistakes that you make, all these things are going to help you in the long run. I’d go into it with the mindset of learning something. You know, just giving good electrical service to whoever your customer is , you’re going to help somebody that will actually help you in the long run.

2) Study your own notes

The second thing that I would recommend to be a well-rounded electrician is to study your note. When I was in the construction, whatever I was working on, I would make a note of a couple of things, like one or two things every day and I’d go home and look it up in my notes book and so if you do that, if you use that method, you’re looking at 200 to 300 pieces of notes references a year and that will help you along with your study and experience.

3) Use quality tools

Remember to always use quality tools, never ever use cheap tools. The quality of your tools defines you as an electrician and that’s true of anyone in any profession. So, the quality of your tools will define the quality of your work.

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4) Find a mentor

What you can do to be a well-rounded electrician is to find a mentor, someone that’s been in the trade a little bit longer, someone in the trades in general that has a an eye for craftsmanship and a good name for himself. So finding a mentor can help to train you, teach you and give you some tips. A good mentor will help you through your jobs, they’ll help you to figure them out if you’re facing any issues.

5) Take on new jobs and new experiences

Don’t be afraid of new jobs or new experiences in your job. A lot of electricians particularly apprentices when they first get started in the trade sometimes they get pigeonholed into doing one job and that’s what they end up doing for two, three, four years in a row and they never get new experiences. Doing different types of things and different types of electrical work will actually helps. So don’t be afraid to do and try new things particularly if your employer offers you opportunities to work

6) Safety first

To understand safety not just for you, but for those around you, the people that you work with and work for. I don’t want someone else on the job got hurt or even killed, so work safely and always think safely on the job. There’s a reason for that, you want to go home to your family, your employer wants you to go to your family and you don’t want your buddy to get hurt either, so think safety.

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7) Love what you do

Finally, to be a well-rounded electrician is the pride and craftsmanship pride. Craftsmanship is basically enjoying what you do and doing what you do professionally and making sure that the work that your hands do is done a hundred percent to the best of your ability. Pride and craftsmanship is not about being arrogant or pig-headed about things, pride in craftsmanship is about enjoying what you do and loving what you do.

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