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Guide to keep your family safe from electrical dangers at home

Guide to keep your family safe from electrical dangers at home

Creating a safe environment in which your family can stay safe is a top priority. Given that electrical devices are so common in current households, it is convenient to forget that their use is accompanied by risks and hazards. Luckily, there are many electrical safety tips and hacks, most of which can be addressed quite easily. Check out this guide to common safety problems at home:

Check the Cord Regularly

Each electrical appliance has a cord, frequently inspect cables for frays, cracks or kinks, including power cord, holiday lights and extension cords. Make sure that the correct extension cord is used to perform the appropriate task, and make sure that the cord is indicated for indoor or outdoor use, follow the instructions for use.

Power Outlet

Every cord must be plugged into an appropriate electrical outlet, but human error or misuse can cause shorts and fires. First of all, please remember that you do not put any object other than the appropriate size plug in the power outlet. Besides, ensure that not overload outlets with multiple adapters or power strips. Try to keep all outlets properly covered with secure cover plates if possible.

What you should do

First of all, please remember to replace any flickering switches, cables or sockets. If you have children at home, do not allow them to play close to electrical appliances. Besides, never try to repair or rewire electrical equipment without adequate certification and knowledge, leave it to the professional and call the certified electrician Singapore. In case it happens, do not put water on an electrical fire, use a dry fire extinguisher or baking soda instead. Finally, to keep yourself and your family safe you got to observe all safety measures carefully when using electricity.

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