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Home Electrical Maintenance & Repair Checklist

Home Electrical Maintenance & Repair Checklist

As your house gets deteriorated over the years, same things does happen to your house electrical system as well. We all knew that everything will come to the end and you got to replace it, however you can make your house’s electrical system last longer with some routine maintenance and repairs.

Go through your house’s electrical system such as switches, power point or wiring system to see if there is any obvious broken or unusual outlook through visual inspection. For sure, we won’t be able to know exactly if the electrical system is still in good conditions or not, and here is where you would want to hire the professional electrician to do a detailed inspection.

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Below is the electrical maintenance checklist that might help

  • Check if there is any tripped circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. For safety purpose you got to find out the root cause if there is a tripped circuit breaker, calling an electrician is a great choice in this case.
  • Check all the power points / power outlets to make sure they are working. Make sure there is cover for outdoor power points for extra protection.
  • Check all the light indoor and outdoor, especially those outdoors lights and the lights you rarely use it. Replace those lights with a new one.
  • Look around your yards or garden, to check if there are any trees that coming too close to the power lines. Some tree branches removal might require to avoid any unwanted accident happen, especially during monsoon seasons.
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It will be good to call for an experienced electrician to perform a thorough checking if you’re unsure about the safety or reliability of your electrical system. 24 Hrs Electrican Singapore can perform a complete home electricity safety evaluation so you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything is in good conditions.

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