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Things to look for when choosing an electrician in Singapore

Things to look for when choosing an electrician in Singapore

Everyone would like to get the quality work at a reasonable price, same goes to hiring an electrician in Singapore. Finding the right electrician can be difficult if you’re unsure what are the electrical things you need to be fixed or install. Here are several things to look for when choosing an electrician in Singapore

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Electrician’s License And Credentials

For sure it will be much cheaper to hire an unlicensed electrician for any electrical works. However, there are definitely not offer any security and guarantee, that’s mean your electrical system and appliances might be at risks. A licensed electrician means they’ve done all necessary courses and practical work to perform the job safely and properly. Good reviews and recommended electrician will give you an extra layer of confident and the assurance they will do the right thing for you.

Qualifications And Experience

In addition to license and insurance, check for additional qualifications and accreditation. With the skyrocketing cost of electricity, if you’re concerned about energy efficiency, there are several organizations that offer accreditation in the field of energy efficiency. A Singapore electrician with this accreditation will have extensive knowledge of energy saving products and technology.

Attitude And Communication

When you ask for a quote, keep in mind how the electrical contractor communicates with you, this is a good indicator of their style and how they carry-out their job. Do they call back promptly? Do they give you enough information? This will let you know what to expect. You need to feel that he understands your needs and will show up on time and do the work to your specifications. A professional attitude and appearance is usually a foreshadowing of the workmanship to come.

Get A Recommendation

Ask your friends and neighbors whose opinions you trust for a recommendation; this can be a big help when choosing an electrician in Singapore.

Know your cost

First of all you will communicate with the electrician, let them know exactly what job you would like to carry-out. Find out the materials they would like to use, ask for the breakdown of the job and it cost. Besides, you may survey and cross check online for the cost to carry-out for the said electrical works.


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